Zurich a city with its finger on the pulse but still elegant, especially in the financial district, Talacker. This is where you will find DeeCee style, a shop that has a reputation for individual style.

DeeCee style's range includes classical street clothing, outdoor and work wear. We have exclusive leather jackets, the world best jeans and chinos, hand made footwear, selected accessoires and quality travel bags.

Store closed due to another Coronavirus lock down.

Click & Collect is still possible for online and phone orders. Please call
before you pick up the items.
We are in the store from 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment.


My friends, my friends, where are you, anyway? No gossip at the copier. No flirting with ladies in the office. I still get cold feet here. Wait a minute! Where are my Kapital socks? And the cardigan from Andersen-Andersen? Crap, I’ve got fifteen new e-mails.