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DeeCee style Zurich Switzerland

At DeeCee style we offer a platform to outstanding clothing, shoes and accessories, striving to select only the best.

Our pieces are carefully chosen for their quality, design and visuals. Many products come from heritage companies, lovingly crafted using age-honoured methods. We also showcase products from innovative, young companies. And many products embody the «American Way of Life», produced with Japanese perfection.

Our collection includes streetwear, workwear, outdoor clothing and business casual wear. We also have leather jackets, selvage denim, Goodyear welted shoes, as well as classical blazers and tough travel bags. Our range combines traditional materials with high-tech materials and heritage design with innovation.

Most of our collection at DeeCee style is unisex, but there are some wonderful pieces for women.

Seeing and experiencing the clothes at DeeCee style in Zürich will convince you of their quality. Our team can help you find the the correct fit and offer personal advice. We are passionate about our range and the story behind each product. It is often the background and history of a piece of clothing that make it extra special.

DeeCee style was founded in 2009 to offer unique style for individuals. Come to our store at Talacker 21 to find out more about the range and our products. Since 2020 a selection of our range is available online for worldwide customers.

We look forward to your visit and order.


DeeCee style Clothing Store Zurich Switzerland