Bl'ker Tee

Established officially in 2009, the roots of the Bl'ker brand delve much deeper into the late 90s. The founders embarked on a business journey, traversing the U.S. periodically to explore backyards and malls in search of vintage and authentic American clothing for the Italian market. This hands-on “field experience” laid the foundation for what would evolve into Bl'ker®.

Drawing inspiration from the rich American clothing tradition and infusing it with an Italian sartorial touch, the brand initially specialized in a vibrant range of colored tees. Over the years, the collections expanded to include sweatshirts, knits, and, more recently, heritage-style graphic tees that have taken the fashion world by storm, becoming a true sensation. Bl'ker Vintage is a testament to the fusion of American heritage and Italian craftsmanship, creating a distinctive and timeless aesthetic.