Tanaka NY TYO

Tanaka NY TYO Open Collar Shirt


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Tanaka's Long Sleeve Patchwork Shirt, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and style. This shirt boasts a striking patchwork design, adorned with luxurious velvet details on the collar, cuffs, and the breast pocket. The mixed prints add sophisticated opulence to the overall look, they are done in collaboration with FAILE. Symmetrical waist pockets provide both functionality and aesthetics.

Designed with a wide and oversized gender-neutral fit, this shirt offers a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

  • 100% high quality wool
  • 100% cupro lining for comfort
  • Exhibits a wide and flowing silhouette for a contemporary aesthetic
  • Velvet detailing on the collar, cuffs, and breast pocket, adding a touch of luxury
  • Symmetrical waist pockets for added convenience and style
  • A gender-neutral design, suitable for all styles.
  • Made in Japan