Tailor Toyo

Tailor Toyo Souvenir Jacket Tiger and Eagle Unisex


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The work on the front side dates back to the early 1950s, featuring a captivating and expressive tiger embroidered on a deep crimson acetate fabric. The tiger's embroidery, slightly stylized and enlarged compared to other vintage sukajans, creates a striking and impactful visual. The unique lettering of "JAPAN" and the combination of a red and off-white body with black-colored ribs introduce rare and distinctive elements to this piece.

On the reverse side, an eagle with outspread wings is depicted amidst flourishing cherry blossoms. While eagles and cherry blossoms often share vintage sukajans canvas, this particular piece distinguishes itself through its intricate and abundantly portrayal of cherry blossoms. The delicate shades of cherry blossoms against the black acetate fabric evoke the essence of Japanese aesthetics.

Unisex, Fits ladies and men.

Sizing runs small for European customers, so if you order, please take one size bigger.
S= XS, M=S ,L=M, XL= M to L , XXL= L to XL, XXXL = XL to XXL

  • 100% Acetate fabric on both sides
  • Reversible
  • Vintage treatment 
  • Zip closure
  • Hand embroidering
  • Soft loose ribbed collar, waistband, and sleeve cuffs
  • Two slanted hand pockets on both sides


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