Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Denim Jeans Made in USA 1946 Reproduction


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In the turmoil of post-WWII, the Sugar Cane brand captures the era's unique style with its new 46 model jeans. Originally, WWII regulations in the US tightly controlled garment materials and sewing specifications, leading to features like rough sewing, uneven cuts, and coarse denim. These jeans inherit such distinctive details, crafted from grainy denim woven with original slubby yarns made from American cotton. This exclusive denim is produced on primitive power looms in Japan, then exported to Sugar Cane's sewing facility in LA for precise cutting and assembly. The result is a pair of jeans that blends historical craftsmanship with modern quality.

This pair of Denim is made in a popular straight fit. 
Fits small, we recommend sizing up.

  • 100% cotton
  • Unfinished look
  • Button fly
  • Selvage denim
  • Denim made in Japan from American cotton
  • Made in USA