Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Edo Ai Denim Natural Indigo Jeans, 55th Anniversary Collection


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Celebrating the 55th anniversary of Sugar Cane jeans, the EDO-AI Denim emerges as a quintessential piece for every denim collector. This 'MUST HAVE' item boasts the distinction of 'AI' – an indication of its all-natural indigo dyed fabric. The process of achieving this deep, natural color is intricate and complex, underscoring the craftsmanship involved. These jeans feature a slightly tapered cut, offering a modern and flattering fit.

This pair of Denim fits small, we recommend sizing up.

  • 70% Cotton 30% Sugar Cane
  • 14 oz. green selvage denim
  • Proudly made in Japan
  • Collectable all natural indigo denim blue Jeans
  • Made in Japan