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Samurai Jeans

Samurai Jeans Short Sleeve Crew Neck Club Logo Tee T-Shirt


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Samurai Jeans original heavyweight T-shirt series uses only select high-quality raw cotton spun into slubby #14 threads. The fabric is knit on a vintage circular knitting machine known as “Daimaruki,” which was widely used in Japan in the first half of the 20th century. This process results in a firm yet supple softness and exceptional comfort. The T-shirt features a front and back print with a samurai club graphic that includes a dragon and Torii gate.

Fits small. We recommend one sizing up

  • Material: Select high-quality raw cotton 
  • Knitting Machine: Vintage circular knitting machine “Daimaruki”
  • Design: Front and back print with samurai club graphic
  • Graphic Details: Dragon and Torii gate
  • Made in Japan