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Samurai Jeans Limited 21oz Printed Stitching Jeans S3000


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Limited Samurai Jeans: «Battle of Kawanaka-Jima»

Battles of Kawanakajima (川中島の戦い) The battles of Kawanakajima were fought in the Sengoku period of Japan between Takeda Shingen of Kai Province and Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo Province in the plain of Kawanakajima, Nagano, "the island between the rivers", in the north of Shinano Province. The battles became one of the most cherished tales in Japanese military history, the epitome of Japanese chivalry and romance, mentioned in epic literature, woodblock printing and movies.

Samurai Jeans fit small, we recommend sizing up.

  • Relaxed straight fit
  • Gold-plated button fly
  • Indigo dyed 
  • Red selvedge
  • Colored back pocket print
  • Made in Osaka, Japan