Samurai Jeans

Samurai Jeans Limited 21oz Selvage Denim Model Zero Jeans


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The pinnacle of denim craftsmanship with these jeans made from the strongest 21 oz special selvage. Crafted using 3.6 count thick uneven thread, these jeans are woven under heavy tension on old-fashioned looms, a task only achievable by highly skilled craftsmen. The dedication and expertise of these artisans are represented in the red and gold lamé strands running along the selvage line. This 21 ounce denim is more than just thick fabric; it's a carefully considered creation, designed to age beautifully and maintain an impressive appearance.

Straight relaxed tapered fit with a slight low rise. We recommend sizing up.

Size 33" = 32"
Size 36" = 34"
Size 38" = 36"

  • Heavy 21oz selvage denim
  • Indigo dyed 
  • Gold lamé selvage
  • Pocket stitching
  • Copper coin rivets
  • Made in Osaka, Japan