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Samurai 5-Pocket 19oz Slim Straight Fit Selvage Jeans


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Introducing Samurai Jeans' 19oz Slim Straight model, a masterpiece of denim craftsmanship designed for style and comfort. This silhouette strikes the perfect balance between a moderate taper and a relaxed fit, featuring a comfortable rise and generous thigh space. It's a versatile and flattering cut that suits a wide range of body types.

At the heart of these jeans is the exclusive 19oz Kiwami denim, a testament to Samurai Jeans' commitment to quality and tradition. Crafted on vintage shuttle looms, this denim weaves together slubby #5 thread for the warp and slubby #4 thread for the weft, resulting in a robust texture that is unparalleled. This fabric is renowned for its ability to produce stunning fades over time, adding character and uniqueness to each pair.

The design elements of these jeans are a nod to their exceptional quality. The half-moon on the patch signifies the slim profile, while the thick forearms on the warriors indicate the use of the substantial 19oz denim. Additional details such as the exclusive flasher, iron sunrise buttons, copper coin-shaped rivets, the SAMURAI woven label, and the ‘Impermanence’ jacquard selvage elevate these jeans to a work of art.

Samurai Jeans has applied meticulous attention to the stitching, using original yellow and golden brown threads. The stitch count, needle count, and stitch width are carefully adjusted for each section, enhancing the durability and aesthetic appeal.

The back pockets feature unique seagull arcuate in dark blue stitching, a signature detail that becomes more pronounced as the denim fades. This subtle yet striking design element symbolizes the freedom and elegance of seagulls in flight, adding a poetic touch to these exceptional jeans.

  • 19oz Kiwami denim crafted on a vintage shuttle loom
  • 100% cotton
  • Slim straight fit with a moderate taper
  • Intricate design details including 
  • Exclusive flasher, iron sunrise buttons, copper rivets, and unique labels
  • Detailed stitching in two colors 
  • Signature seagull arcuate on back pockets
  • Made in Japan