Rugged Style War – Rome, Andrea Ventura and Mirko Di Giovanni


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With their softened camouflage, sun-faded stencils, and well-worn insignia patches, this collection of more than 100 iconic WWII American military jackets will wow even the most hardcore connoisseurs and collectors. The cult-status jackets come from the collections of the authors, who are natives of Rome. This «eternal city,» universally defined as one of the largest «open-air sets» in the world, provides evocative backdrops for some of the pieces. In glamour poses shot off the usual tourist routes, 30 models-for-a-day put a distinctive spin on the jackets, mixing and matching them with rugged outfits. Part of the appeal of vintage military jackets is that each piece tells the story of the life it lived. This manifesto of post-WWII style encourages us to see its charms with new eyes.

  • 22cm x 31,5 cm
  • Pages 303