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OrSlow Wide Fitted Fatigue Denim Jeans


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Delve into the heritage-inspired design of orSlow's denim, a tribute to the classic workwear of the United States Navy. These meticulously crafted wide cut lightweight 9oz. jeans feature a traditional button fly at the front, embracing both functionality and style. The denim is woven using a 2x1 weave, where two weft yarns pass under each warp yarn, a technique that adds depth and character to the fabric.

The 9oz denim is made using fine weft yarns, resulting in a lightweight yet durable material. This choice of yarns and weaving technique gives the denim a distinctive texture and irregularities, showcasing orSlow's commitment to craftsmanship and quality. As one of orSlow's original denim creations, this fabric represents the brand's early innovations and dedication to creating timeless, high-quality garments.

Fits true to size in wide looking silhouette
Size 1= 28" to 30"
Size 2= 31" to 32"
Size 3= 33" to 35"
Size 4= 36" to 37"

  • 100% cotton
  • Inspired by the workwear of the United States Navy.
  • Button fly on the front for a classic look
  • 2x1 weave for unique and authentic fabric texture.
  • Lightweight 9oz denim, made from fine weft yarns.
  • One of orSlow's original denim creations
  • Made in Japan