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Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co.

Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co. Winged Double Face Crew Neck Sports Sweater


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Inspired by a vintage replica of an authentic double-faced sports sweater, the Wing Design Crew Neck Sports Pullover is made from heavyweight jersey. The outer fabric is made out of viscose and the inner fabric is made out of a heavy cotton jersey. A wing patch on the front is decorated with the letter "B".

Fits true to size
Size S = 34" to 36"
Size M = 38" to 40"
Size L =  42 to 44"
Size XL = 46" to 48" 

  • Crew neck sports sweater
  • Outer 100% viscose jersey
  • Inner 100% heavyweight cotton jersey
  • Contrasting rib-knitted cuffs
  • Made in Japan