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Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co.

Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co. Shawl Collar Sweater


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This sweatshirt, inspired by the classic American motor shop, is crafted from soft cotton fleece. The design is based on a 1950s shawl collar sweatshirt, featuring rough fleece and needle-punched ribbing that provide a simple yet vintage look. The vintage flocked print adds to its nostalgic charm and evolves beautifully over time.

Fits true to size
M= 36" to 38"
L=40" to42"
XL= 44" to46"

  • Material: Cotton fleece
  • Vintage flocked print that changes over time
  • Inspired by 1950s shawl collar sweatshirts
  • Rough fleece and needle-punched ribbing for a vintage look
  • Made for both comfort and style
  • Made in Japan