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Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co.

Old Crow Speed Shop by Glad Hand & Co. Duesenberg Short Sleeve Work Shirt


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This work shirt, inspired by a 1950s design, is crafted from Kameda Stripe fabric, a traditional Japanese textile. The shirt features striking chain embroidery on the back and a patch on the front depicting Mr. Bobby's eternal companion, Mr. Chubbs. Playful details, such as the fake buttons on the chest pocket, add a unique touch to the design.

"Kamedajima" is a traditional cotton fabric originating in the late Edo period from Kamedago, Echigo, in Niigata Prefecture, the northernmost cotton-growing region in Japan. It was created to be durable, stain-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing, supporting farmers who worked in harsh, muddy conditions. The indigo dye and color combination offer a warm texture, durability, and a pleasant feel.

Fits true to size

  • Material: Traditional Kameda Stripe cotton fabric
  • Features chain embroidery on the back
  • Patch featuring Mr. Chubbs on the front
  • Fake buttons on the chest pocket for playful detail
  • Indigo dye for a warm texture and pleasant feel
  • Made in Japan