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Neighborhood Ceramic Square Incense Tray


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Introducing a unique and versatile incense tray from NEIGHBORHOOD's Pottery Series, designed to add a touch of creativity and functionality to your space. This square incense tray comes with a distinctive dollar bill incense holder, both of which can be separated for independent use. The design allows for flexibility, enabling the tray and holder to serve as an ashtray or a palo santo holder, among other uses.

Crafted from glazed ceramic, the incense tray boasts a decorative painted edge that enhances its aesthetic appeal. The removable porcelain money fold incense holder is a standout feature, intricately finished to elevate the overall look of the tray. Suitable for long stick, short stick, or cone incense, this piece is not just functional but also a decorative element that can enhance any room.

  • Square glazed ceramic incense tray with decorative painted edge
  • Removable porcelain dollar bill incense holder
  • Tray and holder can be used separately as an ashtray or palo santo holder.
  • Versatile for use with various types of incense.
  • An intricately finished piece that adds style to any space.
  • Made in Japan