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Master-Piece Slick Mini Shoulder Bag


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This Bag is designed for versatility, perfect for everyday use, outdoor activities, or travel.
The main material uses the 600d holosterester material coated on the surface of the environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally friendly riurethane, with a cortical surface. This is the characteristic material of a mute in the mat tone.The dough is usually used for the 1680d coate of INVISTA, which is usually about five times as much as a nylon, 1680d cote, and durability, which is used for making PVC processing on the back side, while improving the strength and waterproofing of the material.The adjunct is used by the 13 standards of the Japan Association of Leather Technology (JES), to use all harmful substances and/or hexa-chromium substances in the human body, and uses the echo of the ecoca that has been taffed up and has been retuned.
A series of diverse situations that can be turned on or off, with a comfortable and simple coating material and simple design.

Size: W15,5cm x H18,5cm, x D8,5cm 

  • Main material is 600D highly durable PU coating
  • Enhanced with a 1680D coating
  • The fabric's back side is treated with PVC for improved strength and water resistance
  • Designed for versatility and simplicity, suitable for a wide range of situations
  • Made in Japan