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Kapital Wide Linen Stripe Pant


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Embrace the warm weather with KAPITAL's linen trousers trousers, masterfully crafted from a linen and cotton blend for ultimate comfort and breathability. These easy pants feature a rustic texture that complements their relaxed, wide tapered silhouette. Striped for a touch of classic charm, they are as stylish as they are comfortable. Ideal for those seeking comfort without sacrificing style, these trousers promise to keep you cool and fashionable throughout the warmer months.

Fits true to size in genderless silhouette

Size 1 = X-Small to Small
Size 2= Small to Medium
Size 3= Medium to Large
Size 4= Large to X- Large

  • Made from a 55% linen and 45% cotton 
  • The wide tapered silhouette offers a modern look with plenty of room
  • Equipped with an adjustable drawstring waist and elastic for a flexible
  • Made in Japan