Kapital Century Denim Five Pocket with Cinch Back No. 9+S


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The Kapital Monkey Cisco Jeans made out of the iconic Century Denim combines traditional Japan with the modern West. The sashiko threads of No. 9+S is hank-dyed with wood chips from the Yeddo Hawthorn plant and then dipped 30 times in a mud pit. A chemical reaction from the iron in the mud creates the earthy black color of the Century Denim. When washed, the denim ages in beautiful color fades.

The cut of the Kapital Monkey Cisco Century Denim is inspired by an old Levi's® jeans, which is a slightly tapered cut below the knee with a straight bottom.

Loose fitting 
When you order, please take one size bigger than normal. 
Size 30" = 28"
Size 32" = 30 to 31"
Size 34" = 32" to 33"
Size 36"= 34" 
Size 38"= 36" to 37"

  • Century Denim No. 9+S: Yeddo Hawthorn plant and mud dye
  • Buckle back
  • Button fly
  • 5-Pocket Jeans
  • Made in Japan