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Junya Watanabe Man

Junya Watanabe Man x INNERRAUM BERLIN Technical Vest


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Now available in a commanding and sleek black colorway, the Junya WATANABE MAN x INNERRAUM vest. The silhouette is meticulously designed. It features an array of strategic pockets and precision-engineered ratchet bindings. The innovative craftsmanship of INNERRAUM comes to life through its pioneering 100% PU matte black construction methods, giving rise to captivating sculptural forms. The vest is characterized by distinctive "alien-like boxes," thoughtfully integrated zippered pockets, and avant-garde bag shapes that are seamlessly integrated into the structure.

A true testament to boundary-pushing creativity, the vest's rear proudly presents an exoskeleton structure, symbolizing the collaboration's fearless exploration of uncharted design territories.

  • Multiple front pockets
  • Multiple ratchet bindings
  • Mesh lined
  • Two internal pockets
  • Detachable cap
  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in Japan