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HTC Jimi Leather Jacket


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Embrace the spirit of Jimi Hendrix with this uniquely designed piece, featuring fancy details on the sleeves that capture the essence of rock and roll. HTC embodies a harmonious blend of classic rock vibes, modern aesthetics, and innovative techniques. The craftsmanship of Italian artisans, boasting over 40 years of excellence in leather making, is seamlessly integrated with advanced technology. This fusion of traditional skill and contemporary material research creates a product that is both timeless and cutting-edge.

Fits true to size. 
L= 40" to 42"
XL= 44" to 46"

  • Unique sleeve details reflecting a rock aesthetic.
  • Blend of intrinsic rock vibe with modern design.
  • Italian artisan craftsmanship with over 40 years of leather making expertise.
  • Integration of technology with traditional techniques.
  • Focus on alternative material research and craftsmanship.