Handpicked 5-Pocket Slim Fit Jeans


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Special made 5 pocket Jeans in a slim fitted silhouette for the warmer season. A soft and very comfortable touch. These denims are available in a dark indigo color and also in a washed and bleached version. 
Handpicked garments are designed to go beyond seasonal trends and will last a long time. 

It's a classic slim fitted cut

  • 60% cotton/ 40% linen
  • Button fly
  • Slim fitted
  • Made in Italy

Sustainability is a vast, widespread concept for HANDPICKED from an ecological perspective. The priority of the brand is to save and recover water throughout the production chain, by using new water-saving technologies in the production treatments and installing purifiers to recover the water used and feed it back into the production cycle. Sustainability is also about zero mileage production: here, that a product is made in Italy is not only a quality guarantee, but it also lowers the emissions of the transportations required during the various production phases. And sustainability also means durability and therefore recognizing the value of the work of its people. Handpicked garments are designed to last beyond the seasonal trends, remaining stylish and intact for years. Producing less and protecting and appreciating its workers is the company’s main sustainability strategy in a nutshell.

stone wash
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