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Eastman D-1 Mechanic Shearling Jacket


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Authentic remake of the D-1 Mechanics shearling jacket. It has become popular with both ground and aircrew for its simple, unfussy design in 1/4" deep fleece sheepskin with two convenient zippered front pockets.
The sheepskin material itself is of North American origin. There are many breeds of sheep throughout the world, each with their own unique wool characteristics, so it is essential that Eastman uses fleece from the same breed as the original to ensure complete authenticity.

The Eastman D-1 is naturally finished with every other detail necessary to make this garment authentic.

Fits true to size

38"= Small to medium
4"2= Medium to Large
44"= Large to X-Large

  • Sheepskin from North America
  • Front zip fastening
  • Pockets with zip 
  • Made in the UK