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Eastman B-3 SFAD Leather Jacket


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Introducing the Scott Field Air Depot (S.F.A.D.) B-3 flight jacket, a rare and distinguished variant of this iconic garment. In 1937, the S.F.A.D., a key part of the U.S. Army Air Corps, produced three batches of these flight suits, which included the B-3 jacket and the accompanying A-3 trousers. Unique in its creation, the S.F.A.D. B-3 stands out as it was not a contracted garment but was produced in-house at their sewing facility. Notably, this jacket was made from non-pigmented, double-face sheepskin with an off-white, suede finish, making it highly sought after due to its rarity and distinctive look.

After years of searching for the perfect materials, Eastman are now able to offer an exact reproduction of this coveted model. This jacket is crafted from high-quality, supple Merino pelt, with the color and texture of the fleece and the suede finish meticulously matched to the original. The fine wheeling process used for the suede finish is a skilled, manual process, ensuring the authenticity and quality of each jacket. The jacket is also trimmed with WarHorse® hide, adding to its distinctiveness and style. As part of Eastmans 'original maker' range, this jacket is not only an authentic replica but also a testament to Eastmans commitment to quality and historical accuracy.


  • Authentic reproduction of the rare S.F.A.D. B-3 flight jacket from 1937.
  • Made from non-pigmented, double-face sheepskin with an off-white suede finish.
  • Crafted using high-quality, supple Merino pelt.
  • Meticulously matched color and texture, including 'parchment-white' vintage suede.
  • Trimmed with stunning WarHorse® hide.
  • Part of the exclusive 'original maker' range, emphasising authenticity and style.
  • Made in UK