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Double Helix Instructor Leather Jacket


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The Double Helix Leather Jacket gives you the luxurious feel of genuine horsehide leather. Crafted in a blazer length, this jacket is not only beautiful to look at but also promises to age gracefully, acquiring a natural patina over time that will enhance its charm.

Chosen for its high fiber density, horsehide leather is the epitome of excellence for high-end jackets, ensuring durability and a timeless aesthetic. Double Helix is dedicated to maintaining the superior quality of the leather, paying attention to details such as luster, feel, three-dimensionality, color, smell, weight and more. It's a commitment to lasting quality and style that makes this jacket more than just a garment.

Fits true to size

42" = Small to Medium
44"= Large
46"= Large to  X-Large
48" =Large to  XX-Large

  • Genuine high quality horsehide leather
  • Handmade shell
  • Fully wool lined 
  • Made in Japan