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Vintage Jewelry Small Feather Pendant


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While originally designed as an earring, this exquisite feather can also be worn as a pendant, allowing you to carry a piece of American history wherever you go. Made by the skilled Southwestern Native Americans, it holds deep cultural significance.

Feathers have played a crucial role in Native American culture. They are seen as a symbol of honor, trust, strength, wisdom, and freedom. In many tribes, including the Pueblo people, feathers are used in rituals, dances, and regalia, signifying a connection with the spirit world. The creation of silver feathers and eagles by Native American artisans has not only preserved their cultural heritage but also inspired artists worldwide, including the Legend of Harajuku.

So, when you wear this piece, you're not just embracing the artistry of the Pueblo people, but also the rich symbolism and traditions that feathers represent in Native American culture. It's a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.

  • Beads including Turquious 
  • Sterling silver
  • Made in USA