Cottle Woven Blazer Jacket Kakishibu Silk/ Cotton Canvas


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This casual blazer is made from silk and organic cotton.

Color brown:
Dyed with Kakishibu which is made by fermenting persimmon juice, according to an ancient method. By washing with iron, the color changes to blackish. The surface is rough and hard, with each wear the material adapts to the body and with every wash it will get softer.

Color indigo:
Authentic indigo dyed through the use of indigo leaves and lye, a unique traditional method. The fabric is soft and cascades gently around the body.

Since it is hand dyed, color irregularities and color accumulation may occur at any point.

The traditional technique and the simplicity make this blazer a very unique piece. It's a rugged all handmade item that's made from cotton / silk mix. 

Fits true to size 

Size 2 = medium
Size 3 = large
Size 4 = x- large

  • Two patch pockets
  • Four buttons, top button kintsugi look (repared with gold)
  • Kakishibu black dyed / Authentic indigo dyed
  • Organic cotton / silk mix 
  • Handmade in Japan