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Buzz Rickson's 2nd Armored Wardaddy 1st Pattern Tanker Jacket


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Officially designated as «Jacket Winter, Combat», the «Tank jacket» was originally intended for all branches of the U.S. Army as a general issue winter jacket. However, it was re-designated for only U.S. armoured troops, hence its nickname - «Tank» or «Tanker» jacket.

This recreation of the jacket model worn by the character “Wardaddy” (Brad Pitt) in the movie «Fury» is embellished with high-quality, mil-spec, embroidered 2nd Armored Div shoulder device and sergeant stripes – exquisitely hand-sewn down in cross-hatch stitching.

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The Tanker Jacket is made in a bulky, loose fitting style.
Item runs larger than normal.

  • Two patch pockets
  • Outer fabric 100% cotton, west point uniform twill
  • Lining 26oz wool blanket
  • Mil-spec 2nd Armored Div shoulder patch and sergeant stripe
  • Made in Japan