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Buzz Rickson's

Buzz Rickson's Grizzly Jacket Type N-1


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The Grizzly Jacket from Buzz Rickson's is a commercial version of the Navy Deck Jacket. Soldiers would not have been actually allowed to wear them during service, but control was neglected during the war and the «non-military» versions were popular among soldiers. The N-1 Grizzly Jacket from Buzz Rickson's is a very sporty and exclusive one. It is made of horse leather with an insert of beaver lamb on the front and back. This specially treated lambskin is sheared and the natural curl of the wool is removed in the tanning process what makes the jacket extremely weather resistant and giving it a beautiful shine.
It's made in a comfortable fitting style

  • Horsehide and Lambskin
  • Lining 90% wool, 10% nylon
  • Two side pockets
  • Inside pocket
  • Zip closer and buttons
  • Made in Japan


dark brown