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Blue Blue Japan Short Sleeve Crew Neck Indigo T-Shirt


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Discover the artistic elegance of Blue Blue Japans hand-dyed t-shirts, each featuring a striking tiger emerging from a bamboo thicket on the back, rendered using traditional kimono techniques. The medium-tone indigo dye not only enhances the base color but also adds a dynamic element as it changes over time with wear.Each shirt is individually dyed by hand, resulting in slight variations in shade and texture—no two shirts are exactly alike, highlighting the charm of manual craftsmanship.

Fits true to size. 

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Unique hand-dyed T-shirt featuring a kimono-inspired tiger design.
  • Indigo-dyed back and print, evolving in color and character over time.
  • Made with care to ensure quality and uniqueness in every piece.
  • Made in Japan