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Aero Leathers B-6 USAAF Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket


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Reproduction of the rare USAAF B-6 flight jacket. This stylish flight jacket possesses distinctive features. Notably, the side adjustment employs a unique zip-closure waist adjustment method, cinching the jacket at the waist. The cuffs fasten with studs, and the B6 stands alone as the sole AAF Shearling Jacket featuring epaulets.

B6 jackets had the lowest survival rate among all AAF WWII sheepskin jackets, making an original B6 jacket an exceptionally rare find.

This Aero Leather Jacket incorporates matching dark brown horsehide trim and follows the original Aero Beacon NY patterns, ensuring both authenticity and exceptional craftsmanship.

Fits true to size 
42" = medium to large
44" = Large
46"= X-large

  • High grade sheepskin shearling leather
  • Two hand pockets
  • Leather trims horse hide
  • Side zip adjustments
  • Made in Scotland
dark brown