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11.11 / eleven eleven

11.11 / eleven eleven Sashiko Handstitched Overshirt Jacket


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The exquisite patchwork handstitched sashiko shirt from 11.11 eleven eleven, a testament to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. This unique shirt is made entirely from indigo dyed cotton, offering an exceptional level of quality and comfort. Each piece is naturally dyed using indigo, giving it a vibrant and deep color that celebrates the rich heritage of natural dye techniques. Each sashiko stitch is made by hand. 

Fits true to size in a genderless silhouette
Size 2 = Small to Medium
Size 3= Medium to Large
Size 4= Large
Size 5 = X- Large to XX-Large 

  • Crafted from hand-spun and hand-woven cotton,
  • Features intricate handstitched sashiko patchwork
  • Naturally dyed with indigo, resulting in a rich and environmentally friendly color.
  • Perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.
  • Hand Made in India