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Samurai Woven Indigo Sashiko Woven Overshirt


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Introducing Samurai Jeans' latest creation: a robust work shirt crafted from medium weight soft, indigo-dyed Oxford looking fabric. This shirt features a unique blend of threads in three distinct shades: indigo, light blue, and pale water blue, offering a visually striking look. Designed with the spirit of vintage workwear in mind, this shirt incorporates numerous classic elements to enhance its aesthetic and functionality. Ideal for those who appreciate durable workwear with a touch of style, this Samurai Jeans work shirt is built to offer worry-free wear for years, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe focused on quality and durability.

Fits true to size

  • Made from high-quality, medium weight, soft Oxford fabric
  • The fabric is expertly woven using indigo, light blue, and pale water blue threads
  • Features rolled triple-stitching, a robust sewing specification 
  • Packed with vintage workwear elements
  • Made in Japan