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Poten Seersucker Baseball Cap


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Poten Baseball Caps redefine luxury in sportswear, exclusively crafted in Japan by the same esteemed factory responsible for producing caps for the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball). These caps stand out for their understated elegance, featuring zero external branding save for the distinctive 19 stitches that signify unmatched quality. Each cap is meticulously finished with a 100% leather headband, affirming its status as the finest baseball cap available. Made in Japan, these caps not only embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship but also celebrate the artisanal heritage that Poten stands for. Whether for sports or style, a Poten cap is a testament to impeccable quality and refined taste.

Fits true to size.

  •  Fully lined with 100% leather for a premium feel
  • 70% Cotton fabric, offering a lightweight and breathable fit
  • 100% Cotton, ensuring durability and comfort
  •  Crafted from coolmax seersucker material
  • Made in Japan