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Rediscover a piece of naval history with the Type N-1 jacket, meticulously reproduced by 'Buzz Rickson's' based on vintage designs. Originally worn by U.S. Navy deck crews from the mid-1940s to the 1950s, this jacket is crafted from a rare cotton back-satin fabric, differing from the typical heavy twill jungle cloth of standard N-1 jackets. This choice of material offers lightweight flexibility and superior mobility. The jacket's warm alpaca wool pile lining provides essential cold protection. Unique design features include built-in ribbed cuffs to protect from friction and enhance warmth. These cuffs are further reinforced with corduroy, adding durability and comfort. This N-1 jacket exemplifies Buzz Rickson's commitment to preserving historical accuracy and attention to detail.

Fits true to size 

36" = XS to Small
38" = Small to Medium
40"= Large
42"= Large to X-Large
44"= X-Large to XX-Large

  • Material: Heavy Cotton Back Satin (100% Cotton).
  • Lining: 50% Wool / 50% Alpaca blend for warmth.
  • Rib: 100% Wool for durability.
  • Front Fastener: Talon MIL Specs Brass.
  • Buttons: MIL Specs Urea for authenticity.
  • Label: Navy Department.
  • Made in Japan