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Hiroshi Kato The Scissors Zip Fly 11.5 OZ Air Selvage Denim Jeans Slim


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 Heavily Textured, Lightly Worn

In the pursuit of innovation, Kato created their latest achievement in denim. The idea for Selvedge Air was born out of the love for old vintage denim and the need for comfort. Kato wanted to introduce a denim that had the look and feel of a 15oz denim but one felt light and very comfortable when worn. After a very long development process with a highly capable mill in Japan, they were finally able to make this vision a reality.

Instead of using the usual 3 X 1 weave of standard denim, Kato implemented a 5 x 1 weave. This creates a denim with a higher surface thread count but a lower overall thread count, making it lighter and still durable. The low tension yarns and loose denim weave contribute to the thicker look of the denim while maintaining its light feel. The overall result is a vintage textured denim that looks like heavy weight and feels like a lightweight.

Skinny Slim Fitted 

  • Five pocket denim
  • 10,5oz Japanese denim
  • Hard washed 
  • 98% cotton 2% Polyurethane
  • Skinny slim fitted
  • Red Selvage
  • Made in USA


    stone wash