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Pecard’s Leather Dressing is a neutral-colored blended paste that cleans, conditions, preserves, and weatherproofs all smooth oil-tanned leather to keep it supple, strong, and beautiful. This specially formulated blend of waxes and USP Grade Petroleum products help repel dirt and water from entering the leather where they cause the greatest damage. The oils in the leather dressing lubricate and plump up the fibers, allowing them to move smoothly against each other without binding and abrading.

This products contain NO animal fat or tallow, mink oil, lanolin, or neatsfoot oil. It may darken your leather a shade but not significantly. It is not recommended for Suede or NuBuck leather (use Pecard’s NuBuck and Suede Spray instead).


Using a clean, soft cloth or your fingers, apply the dressing in light coats. Allow 12 to 24 hours for the dressing to be absorbed into the leather. Apply additional treatments in the same manner until a thin layer of dressing remains on the surface. Each treatment allows fibers in the leather to become stronger, softer, and more flexible. Due to the density of the dressing, leather cannot over-absorb the conditioner.

Remove any excess dressing with a dry, soft cloth and gently buff the surface to a soft sheen. Buffing leather melts the blend of waxes so they will repel water and dust. Perform follow-up treatments two to four times per year or as needed to maintain proper protection of the leather.

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