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Tailor Toyo Aloha Hawaii Reversible Souvenir Jacket


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This reproduction of a 50's style suka jacket is made in a perfect heritage looking  silhouette. It's reversible to wear and made with fine embroidered artwork. 

In the midst of the post war chaos, the streets of Ginza, Tokyo became flooded with street stalls selling traditional Japanese items such as kimonos to American officers. Soon, the streets were swarmed with Americans hunting for souvenirs to take back to their home country.

Seeing the vast amount of U.S. military soldiers surrounding the street stalls, an employee of Kosho & Co. came up with a radical idea. The employee devised the creation of a jacket featuring embroidered oriental designs. In order to implement this, craftsmen from cities of Kiryu and Ashikaga were gathered for the embroider. They incorporated the details of a baseball jacket, an already familiar design to the Americans. Due to the scarcity of silk, acetate was used as a substitution, a very similar material. Kosho & Co. sold these jackets on the street stalls, and immediately saw a spike in demand.

This is an unisex item, size small fits ladies.

  • Authentic reversible 1950's style Suka Jacket with embroideries
  • Vintage made acetate fabric with Aloha Hawaii and a black tiger on the other side
  • Acetate fabric on both sides
  • Made in Japan
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