Eastman A2 Monarch Jacket


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The original Maker: The Monarch Manufacturing Co. was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was their only contract for A-2 jackets. It was signed in mid-1941 for a relatively small quantity compared to other contracts.

Made from an aniline dyed, Russet shade, veg tanned Horsehide, this maker had it's own very distinct cut and sewing style; set-in sleeves, long lobs to the collar and centered shoulder seams were details that differed to most other makers.

The reproduction: Made from premium grade veg-tanned horsehide, which is specially created, to emulate the broken-grain character that is often found on originals, the Monarch Mfg Co. 23378 contract A-2 offers the ultimate in products of this genre.

  • Veg- tanned horse leather
  • Wrist and chest band 100% wool
  • Talon zip
  • Made in UK