Chup Socks

Chup Socks Glen Clyde Snjor


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 Chup Socks are super comfortable and bring color into everyday life. They are made from combed cotton yarn, which is very soft  but stronger than regular cotton. 

SNJOR- The motif of these socks is the knitwear with the traditional patterns from various regions in Northern Europe. The pointillistic Lusekofte pattern, scattered in a polka dot style, expresses snow fluttering in the sky. The design of the entire sock is layered, creating the appearance of snow accumulating.

  • 44% cotton, 44% acrylic, 11% nylon, 1% polyurethane
  • Made in Japan

    Size S: 36 – 39
    Size M: 39 – 43
    Size L: 43 – 46