Outstanding Christmas Gifts

Outstanding Christmas Gifts

Find gift ideas for your loved ones – or yourself 😉.

Anonymous Ism Special Christmas Gift Box Five Pairs Of Socks
Kapital Wool Scarf
Stone Island Belt
Needles Japan Mohair Blend Tartan Cardigan
Double RL Cotton Camp Blanket
Kapital Smiley Socks
Neighborhood x Stanley Vacuum Food Jar
Turms Basic Shoe Care Set

Beloved and Useful

Special Gifts for Collectors

Neighborhood x Output Life Folding Sofa
RRL Teddy Bear
Stone Island Bottle Bag

For Denim Lovers

Sugar Cane Slim Tapered Model 2021 14,25 oz. Five Pocket Denim Jeans
Kapital Cactus Lined Coverall Denim Jacket
Samurai Thunder Soap – Denim Detergent
Kapital Hook – Button Closing Tool

For the Undecided – Our Gift Vouchers

Physical Gift Card for Store in Zürich
Digital Gift Card Print at Home for Online Shop